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About Me

Hello family!!! Thank you so much for stopping by!!
My name is Jackia, I am the owner of Millie’s Touch. I would like to thank you personally for taking the time out to visit my site and review my products. Here is a little about me.
I am a mother of 5 beautiful people of  various ages and a Small Business Owner. I own Millie's Touch where we provide natural skin care and I sling nail polish with Color Street in my spare time. I enjoy being a Mother, Leader and Friend and using my own life during this journey of Motherhood to educate and enlighten others about everything I have learned along the way. This is how Millie’s Touch was created. The name Millie was inspired to me by my late Grandmother Mildred Mattox. She was one of the most important people that I wish I had more time to be with during her time on Earth. While  here she Blessed us all with key parts of her that have way too much meaning to me to have let them remain memories. Millie was extremely professional, tactful and had a spirit everyone loved .The name and its meaning to my Family and I  is what drives me to create products and make sure I stand behind a product that you too will love
When It Began……..
My oldest, now 22 suffered from eczema when he was about 3 months old. It started out as severely dry skin but as time progressed he began to break out even worse on his arms, chest and face. I took him to several doctors and was devastated they wanted to give him such strong steroids at his very young age. I went home and researched some herbs to try and help my baby. We changed his diet and began to put on one of the Shea Butter based  concoctions I created in my kitchen . It began to heal my sons skin up immediately and I was very happy I was able to help my son with out all the harsh chemicals and steroids......
FLASH 2017 I had a new baby !! Her name is Zuri and she began to show signs of severe eczema early on  (5 months). After several visits to Pediatricians and allergist I still wasn't willing to use anything they prescribed since she was so young. I went home went into my trusty file cabinet and pulled out my herb folder (Yes I still have notes from 20 years ago...ugh Don't judge me ) and began to change my lifestyle back into ALL NATURAL and organic products. I came up with Lavender Body Butter infused with calendula, vitamin E and other essential oils. We noticed immediate changes with her skin. Her bumps cleared up and the patches began to dry  out. I was inspired by her results to put my product in a jar and the entire family began using it. I put the Lovely Lavender Trouble Balm on her whole body and came up with a hair oil potion that  provided the ultimate moisture to her hair. The patches on her scalp began to heal up and the hair began to grow back. That moment is when it hit me that other people  may suffer from extremely dry skin or eczema like symptoms like my daughter and I wanted to help. And that's how our Millie's Touch journey began.........
We would like to Thank you so much for your support! I trust our products will be a perfect match for you and your sensitive skin.My products are all oil and butter based (anhydrous) unless specified.. I used a few different butters as base( Shea, Kokum, cocoa, mango, coconut) and infuse essential oils (and in some products fragrance oil as noted) into my product giving you an aromatic,natural experience you will LOVE!!****  since essential oils are extracted from plants it is one of the closet ways to benefit from their healing and soothing properties
Send me a message so we can formulate a product to suit your needs

I take pride in building and presenting a platform that promotes Total Wellness and Self Care...


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