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Take care of Yourself

I write this after a week of having a total body crash.....and I'm just feeling better....those that do not know I have very low vitamin D and I'm anemic. I was an avid smoker and had doses on doses of caffeine every single day-- I would make about 5 trips a day to get coffee and my body was feeling it.........I HAD migraines, anxiety, poor sleeping habit a poor diet, heart palpitations and I was always on body said honey it's a wrap...take care of me before I give up on you....I realized at 43 I had fears about all of this but nothing I feared stopped me from going down that road. I realize now after the fact..after medication after realizing how my coffee,smoking and eating habits were killing me...that I need to to make a stand...if not for me for my kids for my husband.....

The world has taken a drastic unbelievable turn--with a major pandemic, delicate race relations,violence, shaky government, our foundation and belief systems rocked and tested by the things we thought we could have faith in....this puts alot of stress and almost PTSD on most people-- then add on the health problems you may have or find out about and mix that with people losing family and people dying we are all a ticking time bomb waiting for what's next....

It is vital to your mind and soul first and your body to take some time to really take care of yourself...not dinner and a movie...a break.. a reset a time to be able to reflect and make changes where necessary before we run out of time


"Taking a break can lead to breakthroughs "

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