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Love Language: How to Speak to your Partner

Love Language theory is the one of the most important misunderstood theories The Love Language theory was proposed by a man named Gary Chapman a counselor that found out in his studies that couples were not feeling loved despite their partners believing they were doing all the right things for them. He studied patterns in what his clients wanted from their partners and figured out a way for each partner to get the Love they needed by breaking down the way people receive Love in five categories.

Which Love Language are You?

1. Words of Affirmation-These people usually need to hear encouragement and affirmations. Action: Send unexpected note, text or simply remind yourself to tell them you appreciate them

2. Physical Touch- These people usually prefer non verbal use of body language and touch to show Love. Action: Hugs, cuddling, touches of assurance

3. Receiving Gifts- These people associate Love with receiving gifts and surprises. Action: Express gratitude when receiving gifts, and Get them really thoughtful gifts

4. Quality Time- People whose Love Language is quality time want uninterrupted dates and meaningful conversations Action: Create special moments with them, go to a Beach,apple picking etc

5. Acts of Service- These people just Love kind gestures and being helped. Action: Just show up and follow through

I don't know about you but after learning this I was totally able to identify what my Love Language is and even how to understand my partner a whole lot better in the process...leave some notes and Tell me what you think?

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